Getting Started With Alliance


Whether you are looking to hire or looking for a new position, as your representative, we have what it takes to make the connection.

At Alliance Legal, we believe every person we meet is an individual who has something unique to offer. We also believe that every position is a great opportunity for the right person.

The challenge is to find the right person, for the right position, at the right time, with the right experience and the right credentials who also has the right personality type, work ethic, demeanor and attitude; who is professional, polished and quite frankly fits in with the rest of the group… Exhausted yet? Oh, and on top of all that, all candidates come with a variety of goals… and all clients have varied levels of expectations… And did we mention location? Yes, the geographical location of both parties is important to sustaining successful matches as well. Relax, we’ve got this! Peace of mind comes when you can rest assured your needs are met according to your specifications so that you can focus on more pressing issues. This is what you get when you choose Alliance. A proven expert eager to facilitate this process supportive of YOUR best interest.
Why I can do this better than you can?

Relationships take time. Searching for people, meeting with them and building relationships is truly all-consuming. When you have other responsibilities, as you do, it is impossible to perform at the level I can because this is all I do, and I do it 24/7. I work weekends, evenings and holidays because I absolutely LOVE finding and meeting my candidates and then matching them with clients that are best suited for them. I also love marketing my business to the Dallas legal community. My approach is different from the others in this realm too. Connect with me today to experience the passion of what I do and the spirit in which it is done.

Shannan Humphries